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Computer Tips
Some computer tips.

Overview over the sol6-service-domains.

Homosexuality and the bibel
Laura Schlessinger is an US-radio-moderator who gives advice to people, who call her at her show. Recently she said, devotional cristian can approve in no way homosexuality because it is a abomination (Leviticus 18:22). The following text is an open letter of an US-citizen to Dr. Laura, which has been spread around the internet.

German Translaton of the ring-inscription (of the Lord of the Rings) [german language only]
At this page the ring-inscribtion of the master-ring of the romane "Lord of the Rings" is presented. Furthermore there are proposals on german translations.

Virtues and associated coulours
List of virtues and traditional associated colours.

U.S.S. Einstein [german language only]
My first homepage. Please don't be hypercritical to me.

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